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Amsterdam (un)affordable?

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Issued by the Makelaarsvereniging Amsterdam in collaboration with the Amsterdamse Federatie van Woningcorporaties and the Belastingen Gemeente Amsterdam.


The human story behind the object

Nicolaas Witsenkade 21 Patrick Akkermans   Bought in 2015

Nicolaas Witsenkade 21

De Weteringschans, Centrum / 327 m² / 10 rooms

“For Werner we had to bring two goals together in a single building. A beautiful B&B as well as a pleasant home to live in yourself. Location, appearance and the layout of the building exactly matched Werner’s vision.”

—   Patrick Akkermans Registered Broker-Appraiser
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Nicolaas Beetsstraat 156-bg Susanne Dijkstra   Sold in 2017

Nicolaas Beetsstraat 156-bg

Helmersbuurt, West / 114m2 m² / 5 rooms

“A former retail property, located in the popular Helmersbuurt, which was refurbished and renovated by the owner into a residential building. The result: a beautiful and especially interesting apartment.”

—   Susanne Dijkstra Registered Broker-Appraiser
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Singel 144 Jip Oudes   Bought in april 2016

Singel 144

Grachtengordel, Centrum / 236 m² / 6 rooms

“The seller is an architect who has lived here for 30 years and who has bought it from his professor who has also lived here for a long time. The love for the building and the knowledge of its history were obvious. Now Reinoud and Philippe are making it into their new home. ”

—   Jip Oudes Purchase advisor
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