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Amsterdam centrum

If you ask a Dokter real estate agent what the place to be is in Amsterdam, then the heart of the city is no longer just the Amsterdam canals.
The last ten years we have seen the neighbourhoods surrounding them transform into new city centres. Vibrant districts and neighbourhoods to live in. With pleasure we lead our clients through these districts and neighbourhoods, our working area, and provide them with residential facts of the city.
Welcome to the Amsterdam of Dokter Makelaars!
Living by the canals was the absolute favourite for a long time, but the success of Amsterdam as a tourist city also makes us look at the more quiet canals and streets in this district.


“As soon as the children are out of the house I expect that we will return to the city and end up in the neighbourhood of the Amstelveld or the Reguliersgracht. That is a nice spot, it is calm and pleasant living there. It’s less hectic there than in the western part of the canal district. The Amstelveld always kind of reminds me of a village square in France, which might be because of the jeu de boules field and the wooden church”

“Living by the canals is everyone’s ultimate goal! Tell someone in a village in Limburg that you live on the Keizersgracht and they will know exactly where it is and they will be envious of you.”

“The real pearls of the city are the canal houses themselves, but also think about the housing in the back of these buildings. Between the Herengracht and the Keizersgracht you will find the most beautiful gardens, the ‘keurtuinen’. Beautifully tended monumental gardens, styled as English or French gardens, with arbours, ponds and beautiful old trees.”

“If you look closely at the Rokin you see a beautiful street. Beautifully wide, classical buildings and with a curve in the street that gives a spacious vibe. Of course, it’s been a building site for years but when it’s done it will be a real allée in the city centre. It will become an elegant shopping district with terraces in the middle.”

“Most inhabitants of Amsterdam never go to Dam Square, the Leidseplein or Rembrandtplein. We know better, don’t we? In the small streets the bars are much more fun, the restaurants better and we can be inhabitants of Amsterdam amongst ourselves.”

“Once you start living in the Jordaan you never want to leave! You can find the best bars in the city on the Noordermarkt. ”

“The Kromboomssloot and the Rechtboomssloot in the old city are so Anton Pieck-like. Every time that I am in that neighbourhood I realise that this part of the city is fairly unknown. The canals are a little narrower, the buildings are a little smaller and it really feels like a village. ”

“De Negen Straatjes is my favourite place for an afternoon of shopping. Nice, small shops alternating with restaurants and coffeehouses.”

“The Plantagebuurt traditionally is the green neighbourhood of the Centrum. Truly a haven of peace in the city. It almost seems like everything in this neighbourhood moves less quick than the rest of the city does. A lot of large trees and you can hear the sounds of Artis in the entire neighbourhood.”

“The Haarlemmerbuurt used to be the slum of the city. Until a year or twenty ago there was still a ban on assembly in effect! That is truly unimaginable if you look at the neighbourhood today. A large variety of shops, really nice restaurants and it all looks well maintained. The property prices have rocketed here over the last few years.”

Dokter Makelaars