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What inhabitant of Amsterdam hasn’t thought: the Nieuwendammerdijk, would it be something for me to live there? This picturesque small dyke near the ferry.

Vibrant catering establishments and modern penthouses next to the IJ make this city district, apart from the affordable housing, increasingly attractive.

Discover an inspiring and rural part of Amsterdam, just across the IJ. Amsterdam-Noord is a city district of contrasts, quiet green rural villages or modern architecture, experimental festivals on the NDSM-terrain and stylish restaurants by the water.

“Of course the Nieuwendammerdijk is idyllic, but Noord has so much more to offer than this single street! Kadoelen is a neighbourhood full of dyke houses, farms, meadows and channels.”
“Noord always sounds so far away, but starting from Spui you’ll reach the Meeuwenplein more quickly than that you’ll reach the far end of the Rivierenbuurt.”

“In Noord a lot of rental properties are being sold by housing associations. Neighbourhoods that existed 100% out of social housing not too long ago are slowly starting to change. Take for example the Van der Pekbuurt. That has now turned into a pleasant neighbourhood to live in with a good mix. The rich and the poor live side by side and that’s great.”

“The entire strip next to the IJ will slowly be started getting used. The houses with the nicest view over the city and the best sun position are already on this side of the IJ.”

“In the villages of Landelijk Noord you picture yourself at the start of the 20th century. It still looks the way a town should. With a church in the middle and some small houses surrounding it. And wherever you look you see meadows with cows and a lot of birds. However, the villages are so small that in order to reach schools and stores you will have to go the Buikslotermeerplein.”

“If you look at what kind of people are on the ferry to Noord today and you compare that to ten years ago, you won’t believe your eyes. In any case, it’s four times as many people as back then, but apart from that they’re also just different types of people. Hipsters that are on their way to the A’DAM tower, where you can go out 24 hours a day. Creative people that are going to the NDSM yard. But luckily you also still see the real Northerners on the ferry. There is place for everyone!”

Dokter Makelaars