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Amsterdam-West, a densely populated part of the city between the Centrum and the A10 motorway.
The city district changes character the farther away you get from the Vondelpark.
The Helmersbuurt is actually an extension of Oud-Zuid. Then you get to the Kinkerbuurt with the large new magnet De Hallen. De Baarsjes as respectable residential area. Westerpark with the Staatsliedenbuurt as a yuppie neighbourhood and finally Bos & Lommer.

“In Bos & Lommer you can still find affordable homes with an additional bedroom. The houses are just slightly bigger there than in the rest of West.”

“The Staatsliedenbuurt really is a cosy neighbourhood. Small shopkeepers on every corner of the street, fun bars and a lot of older inhabitants of Amsterdam still live here.”

“Everyone is talking about how much fun West is and it almost seems like everyone is copying each other. Of course De Hallen are fun and the Helmersbuurt is beautiful, but you never hear anyone tell you about the Spaarndammerbuurt. Really a forgotten piece of West. The Houthavens are being built-up and you can bet that that will turn into a nice part of town. Between the Westerpark and the IJ this is a nice neighbourhood, with affordable homes.”

“The Kinkerstraat is not the most beautiful street of the city. During the 70’s and 80’s a lot of large building blocks have been put down there. The streets behind the Kinkerstraat are a lot more interesting. Take for instance the Bellamystraat, that’s a real gem!”

“The Bosboom Touissantstraat is the favourite street of a lot of home seekers. Beautiful buildings and a lot of trees in the street. There’s a certain Mediterranean atmosphere in this part of Oud-West. A bistro on the corner where you can drink delicious house wine and where the grapes grow on the façade.”

“A year or two ago new catering establishment started popping up at the end of the De Clercqstraat and the beginning of the Admiraal de Ruyterweg. The catering industry entrepreneurs had clearly understood that the hip part of Amsterdam had settled there. That now runs all the way through to the Jan Evertsenstraat. A street that had a difficult image for a long time, but that has changed in a short amount of time. Even the Mercatorplein and the surrounding streets are becoming popular with home seekers.”

“The Helmersbuurt also known as Goud-West (Gold-West), and that’s not just because of the people that live there, but mostly because it is quiet and beautiful there. And right next to the Vondelpark!”

“Since the arrival of De Hallen the entire Kinkerbuurt has become popular. Not just with the locals but also with tourists. Since a little while ago you see all kinds of exciting restaurants, bars and stores on every street corner.”

Dokter Makelaars