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Oud-Zuid is one of Amsterdam’s most beautiful and richest neighbourhoods with impressive, wide lanes, impressive monumental buildings, exceptional boutiques and a few of the best museums in the world. From the cultural Museumplein to the lively Vondelpark and the serene lanes along the Willemsparkweg. The neighbourhood shines in all its glory.
But Zuid is more than just Oud-Zuid.

“Oud-Zuid is mostly a neighbourhood for families. The street reflects this by mostly being packed with cargo bikes and station wagons. The best schools in the city are located here”

“De Pijp is the melting pot of the city. People from all over the world and of all social classes live here side by side. Sometimes they clash, but it does make for a vibrant atmosphere that cannot be matched.”
“Duivelseiland has combined the best of both worlds. It’s a little bit like Oud-Zuid and a little bit like De Pijp. It’s less trite than De Pijp and less elitist than Oud-Zuid.”

“For a long time the Van Woustraat was just an unattractive street. The traffic is still stuck for a large part of the day and you can never park there. But an increasing amount of popular shops and restaurants are opening up in the street. It started with restaurant Fa. Pekelhaaring. That is chock-full every day, both in the afternoon as well as in the evening. Hutspot and the Spaghetteria are also a big hit. You notice that the image you have in your head of this street slowly starts to change. Soon we will simply call the Van Wou fun! Who would’ve thought?”

“A true real estate titbit: what’s striking about the houses in the Museumkwartier is that the further you get away from Museumplein, the more shallow the gardens become. At the end of the Valeriusstraat the gardens are no more than 6 metres deep, while at the beginning of the street they are twice that deep.”

“The Vondelpark is the park of all inhabitants of Amsterdam and of the rest of the world!”

“Recently Oud-Zuid and De Pijp have become protected cityscape and not for no reason. If you look up in the streets you see the most beautiful buildings.”

“Every year I look forward to Art-Zuid, a sculpture trail on the median strip of the Apollolaan. At that time there are more than 50 artworks on display, from a meters tall golden tortoise to a wooden flying machine.”

“In the Rivierenbuurt and in the neighbourhood of the Olympic Stadium, which we used to call Nieuw-Zuid back in the day, the houses are laid out a little better than that they are in the older working class neighbourhoods. The typical 30’s housing is wider and larger than elsewhere. It’s only logical that these two neighbourhoods are so popular with families.”

Dokter Makelaars