“Driven and enthusiastic real estate agents”

Dokter Makelaars, located in the centre of Amsterdam, was founded in 1989 by René Dokter. Our office characterizes itself through a large variety of collaborating independent real estate agents and candidate real estate agents supported by a solid back-office.

Our team

René Dokter (partner)

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Jip Oudes (partner)

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Dennis Thomassen

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Patrick Akkermans

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Harm Plante

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Susanne Dijkstra

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Pètra Simera

Inside staff employee

Arlene Visser

Inside staff employee

Dick Scholten


Louise Poorter

Kandidaat Register makelaar-taxateur (KRMT)

“In 1989 you were still being sworn in in court as a real estate agent and for me that was the start of my own real estate agency on the Singel in Amsterdam. In the meantime Dokter Makelaars has grown into a partnership of nine real estate agents who are supported by a solid back office and office staff.

What makes Dokter Makelaars unique is our ‘flat’ corporate organization. In our office there exists no hierarchy and I think that because of that we are all capable of bringing out the best. Creativity and personal input get fully appreciated, which is why we can also share a lot of valuable expertise with each other. That is one of the unique qualities of our office.

To me, expertise combined with integrity are the ‘keys’ to a valuable real estate agent. On top of that, it is my personal ambition to establish transactions whereby the necessary business aspect is combined with the human factor in perfect harmony.

Maybe that is why in my nearly thirty year career as a real estate agent I have created a network with a lot of clients from the medical and creative world.

I am originally from Amsterdam, but at this time I am living in Hilversum with my partner and our four children who are still partly living at home. In a few years I would like for the two of us to return to Amsterdam together. This is the city where I feel most at home. Especially the area around the canal district near the Utrechtsestraat and the Amstelveld would have my preference for buying a house when we return.”

My neighbourhood

“The neighbourhoods in and around the canal district near the Utrechtsestraat and the Amstelveld have my personal preference. But I also find it astonishing to see what a positive metamorphosis Amsterdam-Oost has gone through. The neighbourhoods surrounding the Javaplein, but also the strip between the Weesperzijde and the Wibautstraat are a good example of this.”

“It all comes together in my profession as real estate agent. Due to my background as urban planner, I understand the spatial planning and dynamic of the city and thanks to my previous job at Transavia I have learned a lot about human emotions and interrelationships. That combination of understanding the city as well as human emotions is a valuable quality for a real estate agent. You have to be able to sense what kind of house and which neighbourhood are a match for your client. We help a twenty-one year old student get a nice place. But we also help a retired couple who are looking for a pied-à-terre in Amsterdam. Once upon a time I bought my first house through Dokter Makelaars. Besides a house, I also found my ideal job there! I have been working at Dokter Makelaars since 2003 and in 2011 I became a partner.”

My neighbourhood

“Without a doubt de Pijp. By that I mean in fact the neighbourhood of the Utrechtsestraat, to the left and the right of the Amstel. That really is my spot. I also like Oost a lot. Little to no tourism, but truly Amsterdam for the locals.”

“I come from a family of real estate agents, so the occupation of real estate agent is not foreign to me. After I had started an education for commercial economy, I decided to become a real estate agent after all. I haven’t regretted it for a second! It’s a diverse job that even involves an emotional aspect.

Buying or selling a house is one of the most profound decisions in a lifetime. My clients are mostly in their thirties, the so-called ‘transferees’. What they often need is to get a clear picture of what a good, commercial decision looks like in their current stage of life. I help them to make their choice by giving insight and clarity with regard to the commercial aspect of buying or selling a house. It is always a very satisfying feeling to look back on a successful transaction by bringing the right parties together.”

My neighbourhood

“The Jordaan and Amsterdam-Oost. Five years ago Oost was still a no-go area, but the neighbourhood has developed very nicely! For people in their thirties this might just be the most fun neighbourhood to live in. And I also predict an interesting development for Noord and Nieuw-West in the coming years.”

“After being a real estate agent for 25 years, I can still tell you that no day is the same. Amsterdam, the houses, the people – everything is always in motion. Purchasing and selling houses demands vision and, equally important, the ability to put yourself in someone else’s shoes. You have to be able to make an educated guess about the right decision for a happy future of your client. You have to think along with them, but also often take off their blinkers in order to broaden their horizon with the eventual result of finding them a nice place to live.

I view my profession as the ultimate challenge to optimally serve my clients, to listen to them and to advise and assist them. A happy and satisfied client is the very best ambassador to me and what could be more beautiful than surrounding yourself with as many ambassadors, read happy and satisfied people, as possible?

I keep an eye on the developments in the catering industry. The people of Amsterdam are guided by the catering industry. If I know what kind of restaurants and bars will settle in which neighbourhood, then I know how a neighbourhood will develop.”

My neighbourhood

“I still get very excited walking or cycling across the Prinseneiland. The water, the warehouses and boats are like a village. This spot in the city is like an oasis of peace with the turmoil of the city centre right around the corner. De Pijp with its bars and plazas is always enjoyable as well and a lot is currently happening in Oost. An interesting neighbourhood for the future is Bos & Lommer. There was a lot of trepidation to buy there, but now you see an increasing amount of interesting restaurants and bars open their doors there. The buyers quickly follow these developments and we see a large increase in property prices.

Apart from that, there is definitely a future for Amsterdam-Noord. New housing and bars and restaurants are on the rise there and soon, when the Noord/Zuidlijn runs, it will be even better accessible.”

“I grew up in Twello, got my education in Utrecht, but Amsterdam is my city. For a real estate agent this is the most interesting city, no doubt about it. The speed at which everything happens, the various districts, but also leasehold, all the rules surrounding the purchase and sale of a property and the exceptions to it make our work interesting. I am very thorough when it comes to rules. With a fine comb I go over all the fine print.

If my client is very enthusiastic about a property, I go over every detail, and I mean every little detail. For example, it could be possible that the previous occupants have exchanged storerooms between themselves somewhere in the past. This should not go unnoticed during a transaction. I aim towards a long term relationship with my clients. Because of this, the purchase of a property should not only be intuitively but also commercially solid.”

My neighbourhood

“My own neighbourhood is the Schinkelbuurt. That is a village in its own right with a lot of local shops like a butcher, bakery and a hardware store. The Houthavens is a special project. It is being marketed well and I am confident that it will become a nice place to live.”

“I come from the South Holland village Voorschoten, but have been living in Amsterdam for twenty-two years and have completely lost my heart to the buzz of the city.

As a student I lived in a tiny little attic in Oud- West, after that I moved to a subletting address in the Plantagebuurt and afterwards I moved to de Pijp. Now I live, together with my family with three little children, in the middle of the city centre, in the Kerkstraat, close to the Amstelveld. I am a big supporter of living in Amsterdam with kids. Playing soccer on the Amstelveld, playing on the playground UJ Klaren, dipping your feet in the water in the Vondelpark, building huts over at Jeugdland in Oost to eventually end the day with some ice cream at IJscuypje on the Cuyp.

From personal experience I know that Amsterdam fits every stage of life. I hope to show this to my clients during the search for the perfect home. I always say, if during a viewing you get restless the moment we enter, we have a winner!

Together with my client I visualize how they can furnish the home. Starting at the front door we go through the rooms to see if everything logically fits or that there might be need for remodelling. Subsequently, we estimate whether this fits within the budget. I have an entire network of nice places for everything in the area of interior and design and I love to share that with my clients.
Amsterdam is a cosy and easy to discover city. As a real estate agent it gives me an enormous feeling of satisfaction to help clients discover unknown streets and find the ultimate home.”

My neighbourhood

“My own network is mostly in Amsterdam-Centrum and Oud-Zuid. With regard to interesting places to buy property, I like to keep my eye on the neighbourhood of the Oudemanhuispoort. A lot is going to happen there once Rokin is done being developed.”

“For our clients I am the initial contact by phone or mail. I have been working for Dokter Makelaars since 2005, with an interruption of a couple of years. In 2009 I returned to my country of origin Croatia, to return to Amsterdam in 2014. The city, the crowdedness, I thought I wouldn’t miss it. The opposite turned out to be true. Amsterdam is alive. I now appreciate this most about the city. And Dokter Makelaars immediately offered me my old job back. The atmosphere in this office is so nice. There is no hierarchy. Everybody is equal and everybody gets appreciated.”

My neighbourhood

“The canals and de 9 Straatjes. But the Westerpark has a special place in my heart. It is the first neighbourhood where I lived as a child.”

“All or nothing, that is the characteristic of working in the Amsterdam real estate business. I love that speed, it makes my work diversified. Apart from that, the human aspect appeals to me. I always think of it as a pleasant challenge to make sure everything involved in selling a property or purchasing a new ‘home’ runs smoothly behind the scenes.

Thanks to my background in the notary office and the financial services I have had a behind the scenes look in various professions and real estate has captured a special spot in my heart with its special momentum.

Together with Pètra I am the first point of contact for clients that contact us by phone or email or that visit us on the Prinsengracht. On top of that, we manage the agendas, take care of the entire administrative support of the real estate agents and take care of the facility management in the office. This comes down to a lot of planning, organizing and directing, but also to cooperating in a strong team where there is space for humour and sociability. To me it provides the perfect combination that ensures that I do my job with a lot of joy every day.”

My neighbourhood

“Amsterdam really is my home. I was born and raised here. I live in the multicultural Slotervaart in Nieuw-West, where it is quiet living. But when I get out of the tram and walk to our office in the morning, I really enjoy the inner city and her beautiful canals. In my spare time I can often be found in Oud-Zuid. It has a cosy atmosphere and there you can find nice places to have lunch or enjoy sitting on a terrace in the summer.”

“Jip had placed a message on Facebook. He indicated that Dokter Makelaars was looking for someone who could assist them with their bookkeeping half a day per week. Because I am Jip’s father-in-law, that message did not go unnoticed. I am a retired accountant and it seemed very pleasant to me to go to Amsterdam from Alkmaar once a week in order to spend some time on my former profession. Accounting is in my DNA. I thoroughly enjoy to once again dive into those numbers and, on top of that, I am no stranger to the world of real estate. I have worked for a bank for sixteen years and I came across matters such as mortgages and valuations then. I enjoy how it all comes back together now.”

My neighbourhood

“I am not a real estate agent of course, and I have no idea how the market moves and what neighbourhoods are in demand with the home seekers. But the area surrounding de Hallen, the former tram remise, appeals to me. To me that seems like a pleasant neighbourhood to live in!”

“My ambition is to help people with their living wishes on hospitality level. Before I started my education to become a broker, I did the Hotelschool. That turned out to be a valuable social management education, where you learn to properly estimate and fulfil people’s wishes. In that regard, hospitality and brokerage aren’t that far apart. My last internship I followed in Cape Town, in real estate, after which I started my career in real estate in Amsterdam. When it was time for the next step I got a nice opportunity at Dokter Makelaars. They give me the space to build my own clientele and to shape my career in real estate in my own way. Just like in the world of hospitality it is important to listen well to personal wishes. Being a broker is a lot of fun. You serve people in their first basic necessity and how amazing is it to make people happy? And when people decide to come back, that is a huge compliment for me.”



My neighbourhood

“Amsterdam is really great. Look at how beautiful this city is! If I had to name a favourite neighbourhood, that would be Oud-Zuid. The wide streets, the restaurants and cafes, the stores and the Vondelpark make Oud-Zuid into a pleasant neighbourhood to spend a Saturday. I also like the Rivierenbuurt a lot. It is peaceful living there and it allows you to make the decision to go the busy city centre.”


Dokter Makelaars