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District Oost has undergone a metamorphosis these last few years. For a long time Oost was the unknown and unpopular part of the city. You did not want to live on the “other side” of the Amstel. Now Oost is immensely popular and it has the ideal mix of residents. Oost has several very different neighbourhoods. The peaceful Watergraafsmeer, the melting pot Indische Buurt, the up and coming Oosterparkbuurt and the newly developed property in the Eastern Docklands (Oostelijk Havengebied) with the beautiful view over the water. From every angle you have a view of the waterfront or of the sail boats on the Inner IJ.

"In certain spots Watergraafsmeer reminds you of Oud-Zuid, but in a modest manner. Possibly the most beautiful street in the entire city is the Bredeweg. It is peaceful living, houses with gardens, good day-cares and good elementary schools are in the neighbourhood. Truly a place for families in the city.”

“The Weesperzijdestrook, with classics such as Hesp and the IJsbreeker and with inhabitants of Amsterdam rowing on the Amstel, is a very popular neighbourhood to live in. Nowadays the strip along the Amstel functions as a sort of city beach. People swim or “sup” (short for Stand Up Paddling) and even sail in the Amstel. Even the Wibautstraat turned into a beautiful street. Not only to visit, but also to live in."

“The Javastraat is an example of change in Oost. About ten years ago nobody wanted to live here. In the street you would only find phone stores, cheap travel agencies, coffeeshops and expired bars. Nowadays there is even a store that sells nothing but olive oil and salt. Gentrification at its best!”

“Nowadays the back of Oost means that you live close to the water and nature. One of the biggest parks is located in Oost, the Flevopark. There is almost never anyone there, except for a whole lot of birds! Why would you go to the Vondelpark?”

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