What we do

Dokter Makelaars is a collaboration between independent real estate agents, supported by a solid back-office.

Our expertise focuses primarily on the service provision within Amsterdam and its surroundings in the area of purchase and sales mediation, as well as renting and letting in a very broad price range. In addition, the office also takes care of (NWWI) valuations and appraisals.

Interested? Get in touch with one of our real estate agents for a quotation.


We are always on top of the supply and are keen when it comes to assessing all types of housing, in legal, architectural and economic terms.

How it works

You can call in the services of one of our real estate agents for a specific purchase (1) or for an extensive search (2).

  1. Have you already found a house? Then call in the services of Dokter Makelaars as a real estate acquisition agent for further advice, support and guidance during the purchase process. The Dokter Makelaar represents your interests and ensures that you are optimally informed at the time of closing the deal.
  2. Haven’t found a house yet? During an extensive search the real estate agent first maps out your wishes and then advises you on the possibilities. He or she then collects the entire supply of suitable housing, after which viewings can be held at the properties you are interested in.

From the moment you call in the services of one of our real estate agents we guide you through the purchase process. We take all non-emotional aspects off your hands. Such as

  • legal investigation into the home
  • architectural advice
  • substantiation of the value of the residential property
  • the bidding and negotiation process
  • guidance during the drawing up of the sale contract (at the notary)
  • guidance during the legal transfer


Our nine certified real estate agents are always well-informed about recent, similar transactions in your neighbourhood, which is why you can expect a realistic and achievable sales advice from us.

How it works

You can invite one of our real estate agents over for a sales advice, free of obligation. The real estate agent measures the property and does research in the records. He or she then advises you about the sales strategy, the expected sales proceeds and the corresponding asking price. Of course, the costs and our working methods are also covered in this customized sales advice. In case you decide upon one of the Dokter Makelaars then you can expect the following during the sales process:

  • full-service guidance during the sale
  • a high-quality presentation of the property
  • professionally made photos
  • official measurement report and floor plan (naturally in accordance with the industry mandatory NEN2580 norm)
  • creation of a solid sales file, using all relevant information of a practical, legal, informative and architectural nature
  • clear communication
  • representing your interests

Naturally, we take the entire practical guidance of the sales process off your hands, such as viewings, negotiations up to and including the transfer process at the notary.

Dokter Makelaars