Nicolaas Beetsstraat 156-bg

Helmersbuurt, West

Sold in 2017

Living space 114m2m²
Rooms 5
Status sold
Purchasing real estate agentSusanne Dijkstra
Asking price€650.000 k.k.

The apartment on the Nicolaas Beetstraat has a lot of upsides. Location, architecturally perfectly in order and tastefully refurbished. But it is also an apartment where housing wishes have to meet the layout of the retail property that it once was. Dokter broker Susanne faced the challenge of selling the apartment within a couple of days. With the right strategy she found a suitable new owner.

“When you enter, you immediately find yourself in the kitchen,” Susanne explains about the apartment, “Upstairs you will find the living room and the bedrooms are located in the basement. It’s a building with a lot of narrow stairs and corners that are logical for a store, but less logical for an apartment. The previous owner of this special property, Marco Alban, has lived here for nine years and then bought a different house. The broker where he bought his new house would also sell the property on the Nicolaas Beetsstraat for him. Through an unexpected event, Marco ended up without a broker. However, the property on the Nicolaas Beetsstraat had to be sold very quickly. At first Marco tried to sell the property on his own, but the negotiations went wrong. This is when we got approached. Meanwhile, the time pressure had increased and we only had one week left to complete the sale. I never had a doubt that it would work out, but you do have to switch quickly and come up with a good plan.”

Properly assess who the ideal new occupant for this unique property is

“In the weekend I came up with a strategy. Without a deadline you can sell by tender. Due to the circumstances, this was not an option. Therefore I really looked at who could be the ideal occupant for this unique property. The property is well maintained, has an excellent foundation but also an entirely own style. It is, for example, not the ideal house for a family with small children, because that is simply not convenient with all the stairs. And while it is a spacious apartment, due to the layout it is also not quite right for two adults with children. What I came up with is that it would be the ideal apartment for a single-parent family. This is what I focused my strategy towards and the apartment has in fact been sold to a single woman with two children who are already a little older. Both parties were very happy with the transaction. The new owner has her dream home and Marco has sold the property for more than the asking price and within the deadline.”

Acquiring a broker proved to be the right move

“This property was a real fixer upper,” Marco Alban explains about his previous home, “An old retail property with an annex and a basement that was flooded and had fungus on the walls. But in 2007 I was looking for a property on a prime location with a lot of space for an affordable price. This house met that criteria. I bought it and with that the major refurbishment began. I have completely refurbished and redecorated this house by myself. I have lived there for nine years and my life situation has changed over time, which is why different housing needs have originated. My two adolescent daughters and my girlfriend permanently lived with me and the house no longer fit us. On Funda we found our dream home. Truly a home made for us. We could not let this opportunity pass us by. We made an offer and that offer was immediately accepted and then, then we were suddenly in a hurry to sell the house on the Nicolaas Beetsstraat. Due to completely unexpected circumstances we suddenly didn’t have a broker anymore. We tried to sell the house ourselves for a bit, but we quickly noticed that potential buyers need the trust a broker provides when it comes to technical details. We invited a few brokers over and hit it off best with Jip and Susanne. Dokter Makelaars turned out to be the broker that suits an unusual property. To put it this way, these aren’t brokers with buckled shoes and a scooter. Susanne could always be reached, which of course was very nice because speed played such an important role. With a good strategy she sold the house in a day and even managed to get a good financial deal out of it. I can only say that I am extremely satisfied about the sale of my property.”

Particularities Nicolaas Beetsstraat 159bg

“This is a property full of unique qualities, because the residential use has had to comply with the original store use. ”

—   Susanne Dijkstra Registered Broker-Appraiser

This is a property that raises questions among buyers about technical details. But we were capable of taking away all the doubt. We can say with certainty that the foundation of this building is very good. This property is completely in order technically. If on top of that you love a house with authentic details and lots of character, than this is the perfect building on a prime location.

Purchasing real estate agentSusanne Dijkstra
Asking price€650.000 k.k.
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