Nicolaas Witsenkade 21

De Weteringschans, Centrum

Bought in 2015

Living space 327m²
Rooms 10
Status sold
Purchasing real estate agentPatrick Akkermans
Asking price€1.880.000,-

The luxury Bed & Breakfast of Villa Nicola is completely booked for the coming months. Foreign guests, but also the international fashion and interior world write loving reviews. Host and occupant Werner is living his dream with Villa Nicola and ensures that this oasis of calm in the middle of the city remains a well-kept secret.

Those that have been living in Amsterdam for a while, undoubtedly know Werner Nijenhuis (49). From the time that he still worked in the hospitality industry and international fashion world or from the Amsterdam nightlife. Now Werner is, along with the girl dog Kees, the face of Villa Nicola. Behind everything, even the smallest detail, you’ll find Werner’s personal vision of aesthetics, ambience and first-rate service. In the middle of his city, Werner makes his dream reality.

“The idea was to open a high-end Bed & Breakfast when my husband John was done working,” Werner explains after a tour of the monumental Villa Nicola. Everything exudes an eye for detail and refinement. In all rooms there are fresh flowers from the best florists in Amsterdam.  In the linen closet there are piles of ironed, hail white sheets of Egyptian cotton for the beds in the guest rooms. On the walls a specialist has applied wallpaper by Wilhemine van Aerssen and Werner has mixed design objects by Edward van Vliet with vintage treasures. What seemingly does not fit together, in conjunction with the house forms exactly the right combination. “But why wait until my husband would be done working?” Werner continues his story, “I dreamt of a B&B abroad and when I really thought about it, I came to the conclusion that I would become very unhappy to leave everything in Amsterdam behind in order to start all over abroad. Then I had the epiphany to open a B&B here, in my own city. That was about three and a half years ago. Fairly quickly we had our eye on a house that was for sale at the Frederiksplantsoen. That house seemed perfect to us. And even though we walked by it countless times, we never got around to actually making an appointment for a viewing. Having a dream is one thing, but taking the step to actually make that dream come true turned out to be a lot more difficult than I had thought. But when the house at the Frederiksplantsoen was sold, we viewed that as the moment to take action. We called Patrick Akkermans and from that moment on we actively searched for a suitable house.”

“The Nicolaas Witsenkade feels like a small village right in the heart of Amsterdam. ”

—   Patrick Akkermans Registered Broker-Appraiser

A house on the perfect location that was suitable as a dwelling house as well as a B&B turned out to be hard to find. Werner: “We have had viewings at various houses for at least a year and a half, but every time it just wasn’t what we were looking for. Until on a Wednesday in May this house was put on the market. I came in and immediately knew. This house, this is it. A week later it was ours. And then a great feeling came to me. The feeling that my dream was about to begin.”

“In this house not only a fantastic B&B has been created on a leading location, but it’s also become a very pleasant house to live and enjoy yourself ”

—   Patrick Akkermans Registered Broker-Appraiser

Without advertising, guests from all over the world find their way to Villa Nicola. The reviews on online platforms are unanimously full of praise. Werner: “My task as host of Villa Nicola I take very seriously. I get the flowers myself, make the beds and create a unique atmosphere in the suites and everything around it every day. The guests have a private moment for breakfast. They are allowed to indicate what they would like for breakfast and then I make it myself in the kitchen. Every day I set the table with different crockery and I turn breakfast into a special moment. I enjoy doing that. Making something that makes somebody else happy. Back in the day I was extremely outgoing, but now I am perfectly happy at home. I love sharing and with Villa Nicola I can do that in a way that makes me the most happy.  My husband John has pushed me to get the best out of myself. And that is what I do. I can give my guests an unforgettable experience, have my friends over for a drink or dinner and in one way or another everything seems to find its way. I am happy.”

Particularities of Nicolaas Witsenkade 21

Patrick: “For Werner we have searched for the right and most suitable property for a while. We have viewed various and diverse properties in various locations, had regular consultations and searched for possibilities. But every time we came to the conclusion that it just wasn’t right, would lead to too much renovations or that the location wasn’t ideal. After all, we had to achieve two goals in a single building. A beautiful B&B as well as a pleasant home to live in. We didn’t rush into anything. As brokers we take the time, listen to our clients, think along with them and, where necessary, we hit the brakes. But that persistence pays off is clear in this case. Eventually we ended up at the Nicolaas Witsenkade and there the pieces of the puzzle fell together. Location, appearance and the layout of the property exactly matched Werner’s vision. Downstairs there are luxury and high quality suites for the guests, a communal dining kitchen and a garden and for Werner and John there is a lovely upper house with a large roof terrace.”

Purchasing real estate agentPatrick Akkermans
Asking price€1.880.000,-
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