Singel 144

Grachtengordel, Centrum

Bought in april 2016

Living space 236m²
Rooms 6
Status Sold
Purchasing real estate agentJip Oudes
Asking price€ 1.400.000,-

Trading a dream home in Oud-Zuid for a national monument by the canals. Living by the canals was on the bucket list after all. We like to share with you the story of the resident who, with his love for special properties, has his own unique interpretation of living in Amsterdam.

“from the outside this looks like a small home, but this special property offers so many possibilities ”

—   Jip Oudes Purchase advisor

Jurist Reinoud Soons (45) has been living in Amsterdam for about twenty years. He never stays in the same place for long. “On average I move every five years. Seeing the potential of a home and then turning it into something very beautiful is something that I love. I am used to hopping around the city. Twenty years ago I occupied premises in order to make sure they would not become squatted and I never knew how long I would be able to live somewhere. At the age of 28 I bought my first house. That was in the Balthazar Florisstraat, just between Oud-Zuid and de Pijp. Bought as an object of 60m2 and when I sold it, it turned out to be 49m2! In the meantime I have grown a little wiser.”

Jip and René have told me everything about the snags of canal houses

“I have lived by the Sarphatipark, on Duivelseiland and in the Museumkwartier. The canal district, you have to have lived there. Jip and René told me everything about the purchase of a canal house. All the snags, pitfalls and concepts that were foreign to me. The property is completely different from my last home, which consisted out of two large, open spaces. This property offers 236m2 living space distributed over 6 floors of only three metres wide and no less than 16 metres deep. Plus a garden! My partner has also purchased a part of the house and that gives it extra significance. I very much look forward to working on this new project. And after that… After that maybe a somewhat smaller house in Amsterdam and a house on Ibiza…”

Particularities of Singel 144

Jip: “The property is very narrow, one of the narrowest buildings of the canal district. It’s only two windows wide! This makes it seem small from the outside, but there is a lot of space.”

“Small on the outside but spacious on the inside! ”

—   Jip Oudes Purchase advisor

Jip: “The nice thing about the canal district is that every property has a completely independent character with a lot of history and that the courtyards at the back are so beautiful. That last part is especially true for this property. It’s a proverbial oasis of tranquillity!”

Purchasing real estate agentJip Oudes
Asking price€ 1.400.000,-
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